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 This game is an arcade style shmup. You must exterminate enemies by making full use of "Discharge," which turns enemy bullets into items to counterattack. In order to clear the game, it is important to be strategic, not only in simple attacks, but also in daring not to shoot enemies.

 And the difficulty level is high. Can use continue, but after 1cc you will see the true ending. If you can afford try it.

*This game uses AI-Illustration for some graphics.

[Controls (can be changed in the in-game settings)]

Move - Cursor /Left stick/POV

Shot - Z key / A button (hold)

Bomb - X key / B button

Boost - C key / X button (hold)


Sol" is a high-intensity artificial intelligence that looks down on the earth from far above. It manages and controls the climate, resources, energy, and everything else on the earth, and has brought peace of mind to people's lives for a long time since its birth. Everyone was satisfied with their world, and even thought it would last forever.

One day, however, that illusion was shattered so abruptly and easily. It was by the hand of none other than Sol himself.


-Pilot (Player)

A member of the world's only remaining manned aircraft combat unit, and an ace among them with exceptional abilities.

He is loyal to the organization and believes that the reason for his existence is to carry out his mission, even at the risk of his own life.

He is ruthlessly faithful to the orders he is given, and appears to be no different from a machine.


Alpha is an exact copy of Sol. When Sol loses control and is extremely difficult to repair, it "overwrites" itself with Sol by physical forced access from the outside and returns everything to its initial state.

During combat, it plays an important role in supporting the pilot by linking with the ship, as well as protecting the ship from hacking and jamming from Sol.

[Terms & Disclaimer]

Secondary distribution prohibited. Use at your own risk.

Free to streaming and post videos of you playing.

[Created by]

SHMUP Creator v1.5.11



Shintarou Kanzaki



ver1.02 update

-Support for window mode and screen size change

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorKanzaki Shintarou
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, Shoot 'Em Up


discharge_v1.02.zip 125 MB

Install instructions

Unpacking zip, and run "Discharge.exe" in the folder to start the game.

Development log


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Enjoyed the concept and most of the layouts and enemy movements.

I have to say that lvl 4 was starting to get a touch overload without a slowdown/focus movement available, does shmup creator have such a thing? I assume it does since this game has a boost button.

The pink laser streams on lvl 4's boss probably needed to be slower as there's nowhere to go if you follow the laser as it circles. The other laser kills you if you have no bombs and can't get a discharge. Plus, the laser just circles waaayyyyy too fast.

Level 5's maze thru the constant bullet enemies is fun and could work, however, the main weapon's width is too narrow so there's no way to graze the enemies' bullets and shoot the enemy to gain another discharge to skip into a safe zone if you make a bad move.

anyways, fun demo of shmup creator

oh, and good soundtrack. had some RefRain ost vibes

Interesting gameplay here, and nice presentation!