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This is an upgraded version of the previously my produced "Danmaku Gladiator".

This is a Boss rush Shmup in which you have to defeat bosses that appear one after another. Between fights, random items appear, from which you select one to fight the next.

There are 2 modes and a total of 34 bosses that appear.

The game manual is in Japanese, but it is html file, so please use browser's translate function.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorKanzaki Shintarou
TagsBoss battle, Bullet Hell, Roguelite, Shoot 'Em Up


danglachamp_v1.0.zip 182 MB

Install instructions

Unpacking zip, and run exe file in the folder to start the game.


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TL;DR - If you appreciate games with personality, and also like shmups, stgs, bullet hells etc, give Danmaku Gladiator a try. There is no trailer so here's a video playthrough:

The game is really fun - lots of bosses, patterns, and a weapon system that is very simple yet offers enough room for strategizing. It'll probably take 2-4 evenings to complete, depending on your skill.

Some parts of the game may not be broadly appealing, such as the really random powerup selection and a rather inconsistent difficulty spike on the Champion mode. However, figuring out strategies for both of these elements makes for a game flow that I personally find really satisfying and dynamic. Sometimes you'll be a bit underpowered while facing a strong boss, but you can still win. Sometimes the game will bless you with good powerups making it a lot easier, but with the 0.1s invuln frames you can still die.

More than anything, instead of focusing on broad appeal, it feels like Kanzaki focuses on making a game that they personally would enjoy. As a result, it's brimming with personality, and there's really a sense of style to all of Kanzaki's games. If you're the kind of player who thinks imperfections may end up making a game better, then I think his games may be for you.